Going on Vacation?

Keep costs down

I get asked this question a lot: What temperature should I set my thermostat on while I go on vacation?   The quick answer:  It depends!   I’m going on vacation soon so this is extremely relevant to me right now and here is what I do:

I’m on the time of use plan where I pay a much cheaper rate from the hours of 7pm to noon.  Because of this, I set the temperature in my house to 95 degrees during on peak hours and 90 during off peak hours.  I also worry about the dryness in the air so I fill a couple buckets up with water and place them in different spots in my house.

There are a few things that you may want to consider.  1) House plants.  If you have a lot of them, I would suggest not going about 88-90 degrees in your house.  2) If you have expensive art work and/or very expensive kitchen cupboards, you may not want to go above 88-90 degrees.  3) Indoor animals…may not want to have them suffer at higher temperatures, although I think most cats would be ok around 88 degree. I don’t know about other animals but ask your vet.

I think most people keep their houses too cool during vacations or extended periods.  Increasing the temperature a few degrees will save you enough to pay for a semi-nice dinner.

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